Show Your Work! : How to Make a Digital Portfolio

Show Your Work! : How to Make a Digital Portfolio


This book shows you how to present a collection of school work. The system is based on a gmail account, but you can make similar portfolios using other methods. Start with: a gmail account. Now you have 15 Gigs of storage on Google Drive. If you are stuck and you can't think of projects, consider searching for "Matt Blazek CD Projects youtube" and go to the website by Dennis Yuzenas at They use projects in their classes. See how Dennis gets started with "Dennis Yuzenas Youtube projects" Let's get started. From the Introduction of the book: A Letter from a student at High Tech High School in San Diego: Everything looks good to me. I am happy to help with your project and I hope my work can help others. But keep in mind that the DPs are actively used by teachers in their curriculum. This can sometimes leave room for inconsistency and can make things a little confusing. This is why I created a blog, which I use as a place for work that does not have a clear home. In the future I should probably have a better solution to the problem but for now that's all I got. If you need anything else, please let me know. Ben Staley Proceeds from the sale of this book are shared with Building International Bridges, and other educational organizations, such as High Tech High. Your purchase promotes the transformation of education. This book includes images from Ben Staley's portfolio. We are grateful.

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Mario Llorente, Dennis Yuzenas, Ben Staley
Paperback | 54 pages
216 x 279 x 3mm | 150g
Publication date
10 May 2014
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform