A Hero in the Making : A Hero in the Making

A Hero in the Making : A Hero in the Making


Gideon-A Hero In the Making Frightened, defeated, oppressed and suffering from a severe case of poor self-esteem, Gideon was the most unlikely answer to his nation's need for a liberator and leader. But God has a way of choosing the most unlikely people to rise to greatness and even alter the course of history. Gideon-A Hero in the Making is a series of sermons that charts how God carefully, skillfully, patiently and miraculously makes and molds a man named Gideon into the hero that God intended for him to be and into the hero his nation sorely needed. God literally transforms the life of one of the "least of these" and uses him to deliver a nation. However, this book is not just a story of what God did in the life of Gideon, it's a lesson in what God can do in your life too! No matter where people, circumstances, hardships or even personal mistakes have put you, God is not finished with you yet! You may not see it, and others may not see it, but God sees within you the stuff of which heroes are made. And if you would trust God with your life, God will take who you are - past, present and future - and begin to mold and make you with his cosmically capable hands and you, too, can become a hero in the making!

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Dr F Bruce Williams
Paperback | 146 pages
133 x 203 x 8mm | 159g
Publication date
01 Jan 2012
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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North Charleston SC, United States